Southeast LA Crenshaw WorkSource Center
LA County’s Worker Training Pioneer


The Southeast Los Angeles Crenshaw WorkSource Center (SELAC) has a 25+ year history of providing contract services to residents of the City and County of Los Angeles through the Job Training Partnership Act and the Workforce Investment Act programs.

SELAC operates Job Training Programs for LA County, City of Long Beach, Hub Cities Consortium and SoCal Antelope Valley Consortium.

Incumbent Worker Training Programs

SELAC also operates incumbent worker training programs such as the California Employment Training Panel for Boeing aerospace workers; the LA-area aerospace supplier network (SEA program); the entertainment industry retraining program; and healthcare training programs with Local 434B.

Pioneering Efforts

Working with CA Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation, EDD, CA and the LA City Workforce Investment Board, SELAC pioneered efforts to establish the South LA Coalition of Community-Based Agencies and WorkSource Centers to assist parolees in successful community and job placement.

Job Training Programs